What We offer?

Embedded System Engineering is one of the most fascinating arenas of engineering world. In ERROR Lab, we’re developing some ingenious solutions of our real life problems. Challenge is the part and parcel of our daily work. Innovation is what we dream for.

  • Office/Home Automation

  • Electronic Curtain

  • Digital Security system

  • CCTV System Installation and Equipment Supply

  • User Access Control

  • Motion Based Wireless Security

  • Electronic Billboard Automation

  • Remote Controlled switching

  • Automatic Fire/Gas Alarm

  • µC Development Kit

  • Vehicle Tracking System

  • Electronic Photo-stand

  • Industrial Liquid Flow Controller (for washing plants)

Continuous power supply is a prime concern for both domestic and industrial sectors. Our power system department is working on renewable power solutions and backup power supplies for appliances at your home and office.

  • Luminous LED Wall Mount & Tube Light – AC & DC ( 3 Watt, 5 Watt, 9 Watt, 12 Watt, 18 Watt )

  • Energy Audit

Robotics has become one of the topmost sensations of engineering society. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are just an extension of this vibe. ERROR Lab is a platform where enthusiastic minds can come, work and make their own robots.

  • Automatic Factory Belt

  • Track Follower BOT

  • Human/Obstacle Detector BOT

  • RC Gliding Surveillance BOT (Gas Detector, Audio/Video Streaming Capable)

  • Flying Surveillance BOT ( Video Streaming )

An outstanding creative solution for the inner-decorum of your home or office should always be your first priority. Our Interior Designers are aimed to provide you with the best according to your budget. Currently we’re providing the following services:

  • Interior Design & Decoration
  • 2D/3D CAD Design
  • Civil Construction Supervision & Consultancy
  • Building Project Management Support

An App or a Software can decrease your workload, enhance your efficiency and diversify the horizon of your regular activity. Want to know how? We have the answer.

  • Android/Windows Mobile based Smart Diet Suggesting App
  • Online Data Management Software (for Banking Sector)
  • Field Organizational Management & Database System (for NGO)

A website is the virtual representation of your life or business to the outer world. ERROR Lab is dedicated to provide the best possible designs of your website as well as ensuring its security.

  • Static/ Dynamic Website
  • Domain / Hosting, Sale

If a single photo worth of 1000 words, then imagine what is the impact of a graphical expression of what you or your company does ! We can provide you with world-class animation and graphic design support for your brand or company. Supports we’re providing here :

  • Graphic Design
  • 2D / 3D Animation
  • Product/ Brand Promotional Video
  • YouTube Commercial
  • AV / Teaser
  • Video Tutorial / Digital User Guide
  • Digital Marketing / Facebook Promotion

Knowledge is power, only when it is being shared ! An ‘Engineering’ is all about practical application. Focusing on these two key points, we’re conducting a professional training facility, Trainers’ Hub which is a subsidiary of ERROR Lab.

Our skilled trainers, wonderful lab environment with multimedia projection and enriched equipment, efficient course plan are for those who want to learn the practical applications of their engineering knowledge.

We also offer few enterprise skill development courses for corporate bodies.



Home/Office Automation

Control your home/office appliances with your Android Phone or Remote Control.

Luminous LED Lights

Install Luminous LED lights to reduce your energy bills.

Smart Irrigation System

Echo-friendly solar irrigation system to reduce your irrigation fuel cost.


No one can steal your car because besides tracking, now you can shut your engine remotely!

Inventory Management System

Manage your company’s inventoryby our E-IMS.

Android App Development

Bring ease in your daily life using our splendid android apps.

Bulk SMS

Now get connected with your clients through our branded SMS system.

Domain & Hosting

We have your desired domain / hosting solution at the best market price.

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  • Seminar on Embedded System @ UIU

  • Seminar on Microcontroller Based Embedded Systems and PCB fabrication took place at the department of EEE, United International University (UIU), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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About ERROR Lab

Engineering Research & Revolution’s Optimum Revival (ERROR) Lab is an open-ended, engineering research & development consultancy service brand of E LAB BANGLADESH LTD. With a bunch of creative minds & dynamic management, ERROR LAB is offering cutting-edge technical solutions to government, semi-government, private and individual entities.

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